Flat Rate Social Media

Our Team are trained Social Media Professionals located in Australia, UK, Canada and the United States

You get a professional team of designers, copywriters, content creators and social media analysts working on your business without extra costs and staff increases. Extend your Social Media Team with ours.
Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if interacts with consumers in a positive way on social media
47% of SMBs are now on social media, which is similar to last year (48%). This compares to 79% of consumers
Of those businesses with a social presence, Facebook is the most popular, used by around 9 in 10 of every size business.
SMBs lag behind but there has been an improvement this year, up from 31% to 40% among small businesses and from 36% to 43% for medium businesses

Content Planning, Curation & Scheduling. We do it all for you

Knowing what to post is only half the battle, finding it is the other. Our team of professionals takes away searching paid by posting relevant engaging content to share with your followers. #winning #likeaboss

Flat Rate Social Media. Affordable and value packed pricing with no surprises

Flexible pricing so you get exactly what you need. Prices from $45 week

Who will be managing my Social Media accounts?

A Social Media Manager will be assigned to your accounts and will be in charge of curating relevant content for your business. Our team spends all day, every day searching the web for the latest and greatest blogs, articles, videos, podcasts and images to make you stand out to your audience
LinkedIn is the second most popular platform, used by a majority of large businesses (82%), 41% of medium size businesses and 35% of small businesses.
Twitter increases in popularity with business size, from 24% of small businesses to 36% of medium size businesses and 55% of large businesses.
Instagram is more prevalent in medium (39%) than small (19%) or large (20%) businesses
Consumers are increasingly accessing social media on their smartphone (up from 72% to 81%)

How will Flat Rate Social Media know what to post to my Socia Media accounts?

When you sign up, we will send you an online questionnaire that will help us get to know your business inside and out. Our experts will then research your business, industry, competitors and target demographic. This ensures that we know exactly what your online community and audience wants to see
People across APAC now use social media on a monthly basis
95 percent of people access social via mobile device
Social media use in Europe grew by five percent to pass 400 million users across the continent, 85 percent of whom access social on mobile platforms each month
In the U.K., 77 percent of people have a social media account

Other companies have quoted me $1000+ for a similar monthly social media managment plan. Why do your prices start at $45/week?

When we started Flat Rate Social Media, we surveyed our small businesses clients and found out one thing; none of them could afford the costs of Social Media Management. We are able to keep the costs of our services low by remaining a completely digital and remote global agency that communicates with clients exclusively online and by adopting a volume-based business model. We would rather have 200 happy customers who think they are getting the best deal in the world rather than 25 unhappy ones who think they are being charged too much or getting too little!